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When to Call

If any of these situations pertain to you, please call 724-941-1866 for further instruction

  • Having any vaginal bleeding that is more than light spotting.
  • Contractions that are coming every 5 minutes, each lasting at least 1 min, for 1 hour.
  • If your water breaks (could be a large gush of fluid or a continuous trickle of fluid down your leg).
  • Decreased or no fetal movement, first drink something cold or with some sugar Juice, Gatorade), lay on your side and focus on baby. If still not feeling movement, call the office.
  • Headache that is not relieved by Tylenol, vision changes, or pain in the right upper quadrant of abdomen.
If, after speaking to the physician, they advise you to go to the hospital, you will enter through the St. Clair Emergency Room entrance. They will transport you to the Family Birth Center, located on the 5th floor of the hospital.

If you are scheduled for an induction or cesarean section, you will park in the parking garage. Enter the hospital on the first floor of the professional building. Walk to the main elevators and go to the 4th floor. Walk past the information desk and make a left down a long hallway to the security desk. Present your ID to get a badge to allow access to the 5th floor. You will make a left off of the elevator and check in at the desk.